• Restore Human Coach Level 2
  • MovNat Level 2 Certified
  • MovNat Level 1 Certified
  • CanFitPro Personal Training 

It all started when...

A full-time mover, Pax is always on his feet, hands, or upside down - leading a dynamic lifestyle that exercises and energizes his physiology and mind. He’s a pretty healthy guy, who hasn’t caught a cold in over 5 years and while he’s done lots of hiking, weightlifting, soccer playing and ocean swimming in that time, he’s been able to manage his training, adventures and sporting without injuries.

A bit wild at heart: his river bathing in January, furniture-free household, minimal shoes, food foraging books and gallons upon gallons of fresh spring water he keeps at home are among some of the things that fuel his bright and energetic spirit, keep him strong and human. Growing up in the Andes Mountains of Chile with a loving family, seven dogs and three cats, played a significant role in developing his penchant for being outside and in motion all the time. He also says eating lots of real food helps him thrive! Just ask him about local butter…

His professional background includes an Honors degree and working in the Hospitality industry, through which he came to love connecting with people of all walks of life. His true passion, however, lies in teaching people how to get strong, stay motivated and cultivate vibrant health, which led him to become a personal trainer and join Restore Human team as a coach.