• Practicing Kinesiologist (BCAK)
  • BPHE
  • Restore Human Coach

Stephan’s passion for the restoration of the human body originated with his recovery from a sport-inflicted knee injury. This experience translated into years of studying the body, training clients in group and personalized fitness, and researching the most up-to-date rehabilitation strategies.

Stephan’s academic education includes an honours degree in Physical and Health Education from Queen’s University, where he co-published research in the International Journal of Exercise Science. After graduating university, Stephan served with the Canadian Coast Guard as a rescue specialist before moving on to pursue a career in personalized fitness coaching.

Stephan’s ability to generate results with his clients stems from a combination of his academic work and success with past coaching participants. He has helped everyone from amateur athletes to office professionals reach their individualized goals.  With a specific focus in hip mobility, he seeks to reduce pain and increase function both upstream (lower back) and downstream (knees and ankles).

Stephan believes the human body is capable of a great deal of self-healing when given proper nutrition, movement, and mental stimulus. Training sessions are therefore not limited to individualized exercises, but aim to educate clients on life-long health practices to help develop and maintain strength and resilience