The Evolution of Restore Human

By Coach K



What is Restore Human? It’s a beautiful community. One that’s driven by a team of like-minded professionals delivering movement related training and therapy with the Restore Human Method at its core. We make humans strong, graceful and resilient, we do it through personal training, active rehab, physiotherapy and group classes.


For over 2 years now we have been making huge efforts to provide great quality classes. We’ve done that. However, crunch time is coming for group classes, as of the 1st of August they will cease. Good business is a process of adaptation and learning. We are learning and growing and are excited to refine our service offerings so that we are truly sustainable and vaulable to our community. 


This isn’t a matter of increasing the cost of classes or getting 20 new class goers. Classes simply aren’t feasible for us, the logistics and business realities behind them are a lot bigger than most can imagine. It is a complex situation and trust us we’ve looked at it from a lot of different angles.


However! We want to make it possible that you all can continue to train with us.

  • There will be an open gym time monday to friday at 12-1:00pm, $10 drop in - the Restore Human staff will be training during that time as well.

  • We'll be organizing a series of tailored 6 week workshops that focus on specific goals (e.g. Handstand Level 1 workshop, Natural Movement workshop, Basic Combatives workshop) , each workshop will be 1 class a week + homework. Look out for more details soon!

  • All of our Coaches will be available to be booked for small group training - by working in groups of about 4 we will be able to provide much better service to you and still keep it cost effective.

  • All of our Coaches will be available for one on one training.

  • We will have more time to do information nights, workshops and community outdoor activities. The community of Restore Human is very important to us and that’ll always be core to who we are.

  • Any remaining classes/membership will be fully refunded.

  • We genuinely think of all of you as family, so if those options don’t work out talk to us and we’ll sort something out.


The group classes are a joyous thing for us to teach and we know a lot of you will be saddened by this news, we were at first as well. The vision for Restore Human is to help people on a global scale. In future that might be reopening group classes with a format that does allow us to compete with the other options out there. Or it might be by delivering the Restore Human Method through courses, professional development education for school teachers, apps, Restore Human adventures/retreats, books, online courses etc. There are a lot of ways towards that vision.


Now we will actually have the time and resources to evolve to that next level. To continue to refine and provide an amazing method of training to more and more people. This isn’t goodbye, this is a deliberate step towards our mission, to empower and educate people towards physical freedom and adventure. Keep stepping with us.


Feel free to email us at, myself at or come speak with us in person.


Strength, grace, and resilience.