Unbraced and Moving With Grace

Khangmin met Coach K over three years ago, at the genesis of Restore Human. At the time Khangmin, who is a mother of three young boys, was dealing with an ongoing knee issue and wore a brace during most activities. Khangmin did not see herself as a natural born athlete and had some sub-optimal movement patterns as well as imbalances that had been left unchecked.

Having been with Restore Human from the start, Khangmin has experienced first-hand the development and refinement of the Restore Human Method. Khangmin’s training has incorporated a large focus on mobility, natural movement skills and the best of traditional strength and conditioning - sustainable fitness is Khangmin’s and our focus.

Influencing her three boys to value healthy physicality

Influencing her three boys to value healthy physicality

Over the course of her training with Coach K, Khangmin has overcome hurdles such as learning to do rolls, rope climbing at height, has achieved crisp strict chin-ups, and has learned to move with more grace, confidence, and ease. Now she will rarely if ever wear her knee brace and has seen consistent improvement across the board.

Khangmin brings a determined and positive energy to every session. She’s not afraid to get stuck in and push herself. From deadlifting her own body weight to trail running, and playing tennis Khangmin embodies strength, grace, and resilience - free of her knee brace.