The Role Model Terry Bayuk


Many things make Terry a great role model and throughout her life Terry has had her fair share of struggles and successes.

Now as a 68 year old badass, we want to highlight Terry because as Coaches we have oh so often heard the excuse of “I’m too old”. We’ve even heard this from people 40 years younger than her. Like most of us Terry has dealt with different injuries, and mobility limitations; however she has consistently taken ownership of her physicality. Since starting with Restore Human not only has she maintained her fitness, she has improved it considerably across a broad range of metrics from increasing her unilateral leg strength, her agility, core and grip strength, her flexibility and more.

Terry and family getting into the great outdoors!

Terry and family getting into the great outdoors!

It’s true that as we age we don’t necessarily ‘bounce back’ as easily, but by modifying the dosage of movement and working appropriately we can still improve our situation. A huge key to that is mindset and the right guidance/influence.

Terry started training with Senior Coach Jill three years ago in Surrey, and when Jill moved to Calgary, Terry committed to continue on with Restore Human. She drives from Delta three times a week to train at Restore Human Vancouver.

In her time training with Coach K and Coach Jill, she has explored everything from joint articulation and hard mobility work to boxing, ground-based locomotion patterns, climbing and sandbag training. Terry loves the challenge of learning new movements and skills.

Terry’s goals are aligned with the Restore Human mindset of being a good generalist and a strong, well-rounded human. So whether it’s shovelling snow, kayaking at the lake, hiking, or being able to take a fall and get back up, Terry aims to stay prepared for whatever comes her way.

Restore Human wants to extend its gratitude to Terry and to acknowledge the positive influence she has on our Team and those around her. From her time teaching suicide prevention at high school (she’s volunteered in a long list of different capacities), her time in the work force, raising her awesome daughters (with her wonderful partner Frank), to the strong and nurturing presence she has today, Terry is one of the most caring and wonderful people we’ve ever met. Thanks for being you, Terry!

Not everyone will find it super straightforward to do as Terry has done. Rest assured we’re here to help you best we can. Each individual’s journey is different, it’s about finding the appropriate solution -not a one size fits all approach.