Broken Knee to Physically Free

When Arash Khoddamy began working with Restore Human Master Coach Keshava nearly 2 years ago, he was dealing with an array of physical issues: the aftermath of a broken knee, multiple car crashes - the sort of trauma that leaves both mental and physical scars. When he met his future Restore Human Coach, Keshava, Arash expressed that he just wanted to “move freely without pain”,  and that “Just to walk around the block would be nice.”

Keshava’s focus with Arash began simply with the exploration of mobility, tone, and balance. As with most obstacles in life, there have been both steps forwards and backwards in Arash’s training journey. These elements are merely a small snapshot of a long-term progression path, but the main goal was always moving the conversation away from pain management, and towards loading tissue and rediscovering the resilience of the body.

Arash greets a fox while cycling. Instagram: @arashkhoddamy

Arash greets a fox while cycling. Instagram: @arashkhoddamy

Since starting his training with Coach Keshava 2 years ago, Arash has resumed hiking, paddle boarding, skiing, kayaking, cycling, and has a healthy, free-moving, fully recovered knee. Arash’s consistent effort and positive mindset have been foremost in guiding his recovery. Allied with the Restore Human Method, Arash’s dedicated investment in his physical freedom allowed him to regain autonomy over his injuries.

There are many approaches to recovery, however, as Coach Kesh puts it, the absolute necessities include a logical method and a trust-based, collaborative rapport between Coach and trainee.

Great work to Arash, and if you or someone you know is dealing with injury or pain, connect with us at Restore Human and let us help you rediscover your adventure.