“Hooked”on Shoulder Health

Adrienne Hook began training with Keshava two years ago with the intention of rehabilitating a shoulder injury. This shoulder was becoming a source of chronic pain for Adrienne and had begun to have a debilitating effect on her life. When asked about this time in her life she told us, “I spent thousands of dollars trying every treatment modality from physiotherapy to acupuncture with little to no improvement.”

She then states that it was only in her second training session with Keshava that she began to regain functionality in her shoulder. Adrienne says, “By the fifth session I was back to snatching the 35lb kettlebell with no pain whatsoever. As we continue to work together my whole perspective and confidence have come full circle.”

In his work with Adrienne, Kesh focused on mobility and Functional Range Conditioning. With these proven methods, time, and consistency, Adrienne was rehabilitated and then some. She tells us, “I can literally go down the list and check off ‘yes’ to all the benefits that can come with his very specialized regime. Body strength, stamina, mobility, better posture and balance, self-image, the list goes on.”

As Coach Keshava can testify, Adrienne truly took charge of her own physical freedom. By applying herself to the method and engaging in a high level of self-directed study, she was able to overcome chronic pain and self-doubt to find autonomy and strength in her physical practice. Adrienne’s positive attitude is contagious to all those around her, and it is no coincidence that she has experienced so much growth as well as such tangible results.

The Restore Human team would like to extend a huge thank you to Adrienne for giving us permission to share her story. To book a complimentary intro-session with Coach Keshava, click here.