Reaching new heights by restoring Janet’s shoulder


Janet has been an avid athlete nearly her whole life. She started running when she was 11 and was a sprinter all through high school.  After high school, she started running longer distances and worked up to a marathon in Vancouver. She was the second woman to cross the line with an impressive time of 2:53:01. Note the average time for a marathon is around the 4-hour mark!

For years, she raced 5 km, 10km, half marathons and trained for the Kneeknacker BC trail run.  Unfortunately, she broke her wrist while training, 2 weeks before that race, so she didn't participate. More recently she took up cycling and was doing an early morning outdoor boot camp. She completed the first Whistler GranFondo in 2010 and the Kelowna and Penticton GranFondos in the years after. While training for the Banff GranFondo she became injured again. Feeling disillusioned from overtraining and repeated injuries she took a step back from practicing sports over the last 3 years.

All the years of intense training left Janet with an assortment of issues. Although she had no obvious injuries, her quads, knees, and shoulders were causing her ongoing pain and limitations. Then she came across Restore Human by chance and decided to give it a try. She felt stiff and inflexible, especially in the mornings and wanted to get moving again. Janet was not looking for help with the shoulder as she had given up hope after many physio sessions, also deciding against steroid injections. She just wanted to feel better in motion.


After 2 months at Restore Human, “incredibly”, her words, she can now pull her shirt on over her head which she had not been able to do for years. Not only that, but Janet can again hang on the rings in the studio and on the monkey bars in the park she visits! Her lower back is feeling mobile and strong, able to support her doing sandbag lunges and stair climbs. She can also do good quality push-ups for multiple sets in a session.  

It’s Janet’s willingness to consistently show-up each week that continues to improve her shoulder function, strengthen her lower back and overall develop her readiness for adventure! By practicing the Restore Human Method, she’s finally seeing the results she wanted.