Back In Business - Juggling motherhood, full time work and fitness


For many mums of younger children it can be quite a challenge to keep on top of everything in the modern age. Often working full time, the sheer physical demands of keeping up with a young one can then be the biggest hurdle to maintaining that elusive balance in life!

Couple this with a body that is still processing the hormonal changes and requirements of giving birth and a common observation is that joints ‘feel looser than normal’ yet body is often ‘quite tight’ - the language is often quite evocative of the often paradoxical sensations of vulnerability.

Enter Aislinn, a bright, bubbly dynamo of a human juggling all the aforementioned plates and with some of the challenges described above - resiliency and a regained sense of body control were uppermost on the agenda, coupled with a diminishing of the usual aches and pains we all accrue over the course of a lifetime!

As is often the case, Aislinn was no stranger to a physicality as a kid - but life’s interweaving of responsibilities conspires to change the priority list, rendering self care and the need for a structured physical practice a lesser priority.

Blessed with unfailing good humour and a genuine curiosity (more on this later) for the material we’ve covered - Aislinn started by building an awareness of her body, strengths and current limitations through smart, evidence-based approaches such as Functional Range Conditioning on top of our own in-house decades of experience - understanding such concepts as joint health, cardiovascular fitness, how and when to stretch, strength development and most importantly building a body that can keep up with multiple demands.

At Restore Human we talk extensively about movement education, physical literacy and an opportunity for those woking with us to collaborate and work with us to learn, ask smart questions and truly take responsibility for their bodies!


Mixing games, well-supported strength work, joint mobility, cardiovascular strategies, boxing and whole host of conversations/explorations the journey to controlling her body is well underway.

The quality Aislinn has in abundance as mentioned before is that of curiosity, the desire to find out about things and make new connections from the material for herself. Feeling strong, fit and able to tackle anything in life, this is the quality then that will likely have her developing her physical literacy for decades to come!

There are a multitude of successful approaches out there, the key no matter who you are is to build a connection to the training process that has you enjoy the various tests and turns on the road to being a healthy and resilient human.

Come join us at Restore Human to find out more about our approach and how you can have the same success as Aislinn.