Conquering Knee Pain & Avoiding Surgery


Wanda first came to Restore Human in hopes of finding relief from her chronic knee pain and avoid a second surgery. She injured her knee 3 years ago (meniscus tear & repair surgery) and was left with very limited range of motion and daily pain.

She has been training with Coach Christina for just three short months. During this time, Wanda has worked on joint articulation, self myofascial release, stabilization and strength movements, not just for her knee, but for her whole body. Her dedication and commitment to her sessions, has pushed her progress forward at a rapid rate.

“Approximately twelve weeks ago, I came across Restore Human’s website and was intrigued by their premise and video of the natural space. I set up a complimentary session with Christina and it has been life-changing after three years of pain!  I felt I’d never been the same since the injury despite physio and continuous exercise.

Just before my first session at Restore Human, I started to wear a custom-made knee brace, not knowing I would not even need it for long. Since working with Christina, my knee feels almost normal and I haven’t worn the brace since our first session! I can now squat 100%, full depth. I’m starting back to deadlifting and squatting with weights. I’m stronger.  I’ve learned so many new exercises, ways of moving, and how to rehab my pain and/or injuries. Christina’s corrected and tweaked my form and shared so much of her in-depth knowledge.

I love coming to the studio as the team is welcoming, professional, knowledgeable and fun. I’m so impressed that I’ve recommended Restore Human to many of my friends and colleagues.” - Wanda.M


Wanda recently received some great news! She met with an orthopaedic surgeon to review if a second surgery was needed on her knee, as previously thought. The answer...NO! She was advised to “keep doing what you’re doing” as everything is looking well.

Wanda is continuing to build her strength, becoming more graceful in her movements and a more resilient human. We are excited to see Wanda’s future progress as she continues on her journey with Restore Human.

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