An Insight into the Restore Human Method

By Coach K

Approximate Reading Time: 4-8 min


We like to think we're logical beings who make decisions based on conscious rational thought.


When in actual fact 95% of our decisions are made on a subconscious level [1]. We gravitate to things that look or 'feel' good. Our subconscious looks for signs of beauty and security -social validation is a big element here. For example when one of our friends tries a new restaurant and tells us that it was great, we are a lot more likely to then try it ourselves. It's those popular brands, products, people, shows and schools that will continually draw in more people. They are subconsciously the safer and more guaranteed options.



A lot of the time that serves us well, intuition can be an amazing guide. Other times it gets abused. We've all experienced it, amazing marketing partnered with lacklustre results. How do you not fall for that again? At Restore Human, we acknowledge that we are emotionally driven in our biases so we use a collaborative and data-driven system for testing our informed assumptions.


We combine quantitative data (e.g. how long can you hang for?) with qualitative data (e.g. movement quality through glenohumeral articulation) across an axis of time and multiple data sets (years of deliberate work with clients). We’ve made an app to track this data, a collection of spreadsheets, and numerous other touch points with our team members and clients. This happens on a daily basis through sessions conducted with individuals/groups, a weekly basis with team meetings/discussions, and in larger formats like our internal academy days and courses. We are professionally passionate and therefore we have to be thorough and collaborative. 



We guide our process by asking hard questions. How do we truly make people stronger, more graceful and resilient? How do we reduce the likelihood and severity of hip fractures from falls? What assumptions have we previously made that have been wrong? How do we deal with and mitigate pain whilst addressing the root causes? These are just some of the questions we ask, investigate and answer. The answers and tools that come out of those questions are what we deliver day in and day out to our clients. We’ve also taught dozens of Coaches and practitioners in Canada, England, and the Netherlands through our Restore Human courses.



This method originated out of my experience as an accomplished Army Sniper Team Leader, and that of Co-Founder Master Coach Keshava; an accomplished graduate of Westminster and Oxford. However, so much has been added to it that we could never dream to call it solely our method. It’s the Restore Human Method, and those involved (professionals and clients) should be proud of what we’ve built together and what we’ll continue to refine.