Travel and Movement


By Coach Dannen

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Travel and Movement

What is the most human thing you can think of? For me it is the very concept of travel and adventure through physical movement. More specifically: I believe what makes us human is the amazing physicality that our long history on this planet had provided us - it is this same physicality has allowed us to create the necessary locomotion to explore the incredibly diverse chunk of space rock that we call home.

On May the 4th, I am embarking on a three week journey to the arid region of Andalusia, Spain. My journey will take me to the cobblestone streets of the Moorish influenced cities of the south, where I will explore the diverse landscape of the Sierra Nevada and Grand Canary Islands, and visit the Catalan coast line. There's one thing all of these places will undoubtedly require: a whole lot of walking and hiking. Preparing for this journey has me thinking about human movement and has also inspired me to think about travel and locomotion.

Our particular and unique history has led us to an ongoing pilgrimage in practically every corner of the Earth. If there's a piece of sand, ice, or dirt - it's very likely that the footprints of the past mark the territory as one that has been explored by humans.

Let's quickly talk about what brought us here. Over the millenia and millions of years of selective biological evolution, humans have evolved a unique upright, bipedal anatomy, allowing us to traverse a variety of complex and often long distance natural terrains. Spanning from grasslands to rocky mountain sides, humans have spread to and continue to explore, the many corners of the Earth.

What's even more fascinating is that for those who are unable to do “traditional” locomotion due to injury, physical disability, or age, the ingenuity of human language, communication, and determination provides all of us with a variety of options for alternative movement as well as rehabilitation. Upright locomotion, though very human in an evolutionary sense, is just the tip of the iceberg for the diversity that makes up our movement. While our ability to walk upright physically freed our hands to carry things (including our young) as well as aid those around us, it is our culture, communication, and spirit that allowed and continues to allow us to explore our world.

Today, in a modern setting, moving up, down, over, and under the terrain that surrounds us is an integral aspect of daily life. From carrying groceries up and down the flight of stairs, to maintaining movement independence as we age, and to traveling the variety of landscapes the world provides, the locomotion of our bodies provides us with the freedom we need to experience our lives to the fullest.

At Restore Human, we encourage a variety of complex movement regardless of your age, ability, or history. How do we do it differently? We create a natural environment comprised of barefoot movement, natural obstacles, step-ups, ropes, logs, sandbags, and most importantly: a space that allows for the thriving of creativity through movement despite your ability.

So whether you are doing a trek through the Sierra Nevada in Spain, wandering the uneven detritus of a dense rainforest, or just want to be more stable and stronger while traversing your daily landscapes, diversifying your movement through training with us can make you a stronger, more resilient, and graceful human.

To follow me on my journey through Spain, follow me at my Instagram: @humandann and keep an eye out for Blog posts, Instagram stories, and Restore Human Journal Articles.

Stay strong and keep moving,

Coach Dannen