Common misunderstandings when it comes to physiotherapy


Approximate Reading Time: 6-10min

By Physiotherapist Charla Gaudet


Coach Sara  stretching - photo credit: Tianna B.

Coach Sara stretching - photo credit: Tianna B.

1.    Physiotherapy is Painful: 

False! There are times a treatment may be uncomfortable (ex. trying to gain back range of motion of a restricted joint), but we are not trying to cause you pain! Most often your physiotherapy session will be tolerable and even downright comfortable.


2.    You need a doctors referral to see a Physiotherapist:

False! We are primary care providers and therefore you do not require a doctor’s note to make an appointment. However, if you do have medical benefits, make sure to check how much physiotherapy covered under your plan.


3.    If I go to Physiotherapy I need to stop my work/activity/sport: 

False! Our goal is to keep you as functional as possible while allowing your injury to heal. We will discuss your work/activities and determine what will be best for you.


4.    If ___ hurts, it must be the cause of the problem:

False! Pain in one body part sometimes can be representing an issue in a different body part. So don’t be surprised when we check the joints above and below your area of concern.


St. Mark's Summit - photo credit: Ngaio H.  @creeks.and.peaks

St. Mark's Summit - photo credit: Ngaio H. @creeks.and.peaks

5.    If I’m already exercising I don’t need a Physiotherapist:

False! It is the combination of hands-on therapy with specific exercises that will help you get better! The physiotherapy will correct stiff and tight areas in the body in order for the exercises to be performed properly.  


6.    Physiotherapists only see athletes:

False! Physiotherapists can work with all age groups (children, adults, seniors) and all activity levels!


7.    Physiotherapists only see people who are in pain or who’ve had surgery:

False! You can see a physio for preventative maintenance OR to optimize your current movement abilities. Seeing a physiotherapist before you have pain allows us to correct any small issues before it becomes a larger (and more painful) problem.


8.    When you see a Physiotherapist, you just lay on your back and get ice/heat pack:

False! Here at Restore Human we believe in using an active approach to our treatments. We like to incorporate both hands on therapy with functional exercises to help you gain nutritious movement in your body.


By Physiotherapist Charla Gaudet