Introducing the new restore Human App!

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By Gideon Lelair-Jones

January 30, 2017

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Designed to be used on your phone, the app is a collection of tools designed to help you keep track of your progress and record your workouts. Restore Human members can use this tool for free!


It's a simple idea:

1) Choose a movement you'd like to track (by default 6 core Restore Human movements are tracked, but you can select up to 24)

2) Perform a movement from your list and time yourself / note reps

3) Record anything from class attendance to number of push ups in the app.


All your data is stored privately against your unique identity, and your progress is tracked on charts for each individual movement! You can make notes, record modified versions of movements,      or just look back at where you were a year ago and enjoy knowing how far you've come!

Come join us on February 3rd at Restore Human West 4th Studio for a free training session and app introduction to learn how to use it and track your progress!


Regular dedicated milestone sessions will be held at the studio to allow members to come and check their progress.



By: Gideon Leclair-Jones

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