VANCOUVER Personal Training

At Restore Human, our private coaching is tailor-made so you can achieve comprehensive results to last a lifetime. Sessions can be one-on-one or small groups. With the Restore Human Methodology you'll get a depth of personal attention, education, and proven results exclusive to Restore Human.

Our focus is on building movement intelligence, mobility, and load bearing capacity so that you become stronger, more graceful and more resilient. Our caring and highly experienced Coaches will provide you with a custom experience based on your unique background and current level of fitness. Whether you want to take your performance to the next level or would like to simply get back into it, you'll be well looked after.


We always start off with a complimentary 30 min session so you can see if what we do is right for you. When we work with you we are truly invested in your success. That means you need to be ready for change, if you are, you'll get expertly guided to getting stronger, more graceful and resilient. 


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