• FRC Mobility Specialist
  • NOI Mobilization of the Nervous System. Guys Hospital London.UK. 2006
  • APTEI Lumbar spine articular dysfunctions I. October 1st 2011
  • APTEI The Foot and Ankle Complex. October 2nd 2011
  • APTEI Cervical Headaches I. March 5th 2011
  • Diagnosis and treatment of movement impairment syndromes (Shirley Sahrmann) July 3rd and 4th 2011
  • APTEI The Hip and Knee. April 13th 2012
  • APTEI The Thoracic Spine. June 15th 2012
  • YOGA THERAPY intensive. Nov 1–30 2012. Himalayan Iyengar Centre, India
  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in the Restorative Alignment method. Solstice Yoga. Nov1-30th 2015. San Augustinillo, Mexico
  • Introduction to Vestibular and Oculomotor rehabilitation. May 2017

Billy Walker-Wavell’s passion for movement began in his early years. Growing up in Southern England, Billy was surrounded by the Ocean and spent his free time surfing and sailing.

Billy went on to study a Bachelor of Science in Sports and Exercise Sciences, with a major in Sports Coaching and Kinesiology at the University of Wales, Swansea. Once graduated Billy spent 2 years travelling and surfing through Australia and Indonesia, then returned to study Physiotherapy at the University of East London, England.

Since 2006, Billy has practiced in all areas of physiotherapy including community home visits, intensive care, emergency care, neuro rehabilitation, cardio respirator care, orthopaedics, hand therapy, and outpatient services both publicly and privately in the UK and Canada.

After discovering his personal Yoga practice in 2010, in 2012 Billy studied Yoga Therapy with the esteemed Ashtanga lineage in Mysore, India and studied with Sharat Aurora. In 2015 Billy completed his Yoga Teacher training in the Restorative Alignment method in Oaxaca, Mexico. Billy honed his Yoga Therapy skills while in Squamish, BC.  He worked with and treated some of Canada’s top level amateur and professional athletes and yoga practitioners who wished to achieve better alignment.

Billy creates space for and guides the body-mind towards optimal recovery through structural, mental, emotional and energetic centring. Billy’s goal with each client is to provide the utmost presence, and to facilitate a calm and centered environment so that healing can occur.