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Module 1 - November 16th/17th 2019 - Vancouver, BC - Restore Human

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Module 1 - January 15th/16th 2020 - Vancouver, BC - Restore Human

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Module 1 - July 27/28th 2020 - Ottawa, ON - Metta Moves

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Module 1 - Summer 2020 Europe

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Module 2 - On-going by request at Restore Human


What is a Restore Human Coach?

An expert at teaching physical literacy and physical training that promotes life long health and performance to a wide variety of clients and client situations. Ultimately we are in the business of creating life changing outcomes.

The road to becoming a true professional is paved with acquiring the right experience and guidance. The Restore Human Coaches Program is a means for you to develop and sharpen your skills to become a leader in your field.

It is designed for those with a previous background working in the realm of physical rehab and or physical training. That can be anyone from a strength and conditioning Coach working with high level athletes, a yoga Teacher looking to expand their practice, an independent Trainer in a large gym or an Osteopath working with sedentary people at risk of falls.

This course is better suited to those working with people one on one or in small groups. If you have no prior experience we recommend you contact us to assess suitability.

Module 1



Why this program?

Our current culture places the practice of physicality generally into two boxes - rehabilitation and fitness. This is failing people on a large scale. It defines a narrow spectrum of possibilities that limits the healthy development and understanding of physical capacities for us as practitioners but more importantly for the people we serve. If our true motivation is centred on providing the best long term and life changing interventions we need a new paradigm.

This 2 day seminar outlines the Restore Human Method, it is a rich and detailed hand ons experience that will help you become an expert at dealing with a spectrum of situations. It can be taken as a stand alone unit or as a precursor to Module 2.

The Human Body is an integrated system, understanding how to affect that system appropriately is the key to success

Course Outline

  • Interactive physical and mental learning atmosphere - be ready to move, sweat, get outside (regardless of conditions), and participate in classroom practical/interactive lecture sessions

  • Overview of Restore Human Method Models

  • Fundamentals of effective language, movement, and intervention selection -establishing a base-line among participants, making sure we all know how to use the tools

  • Specific outcomes and structures to guide an inherently somatosensory process: introducing proprioception, movement intelligence and physical literacy

  • Session design and hands on Coaching practice

  • Understanding effective programming and periodization in relation to our outcomes

  • Evaluation and individual interview Q&A

Other Details

9-6pm Saturday / 9-5pm Sunday


A one hour lunch will be taken, timing can vary depending on class participants

Delivered by Master Coach Keshava and Master Coach K


Module 2



Why this program?

Knowledge can be powerful, but when applied without a basis of experience and proof it can be a toxic trap. Learning in a peer based environment has its benefits, but ultimately if that knowledge isn’t put into practice with the types of clients we build our livelihoods around we are less likely to succeed. Specific adaptation to imposed demand not only applies to movements but also applies to your performance as a practitioner.

This 5 day intensive is split between furthering the knowledge gained in Module 1 and the practical implementation of that knowledge at our studio in Vancouver, Canada. That happens through shadowing Restore Human Coaches and by working with role play clients and live volunteer clients.

The missing piece in the industry we routinely see is the opportunity to have real life experience with the appropriate feedback and guidance. If you want to earn the designation of Restore Human Coach this is the only way we can hold you accountable to having the high standards that the name carries. It isn’t easy but the point of the 5 days is to give you the personal attention and guidance needed to help you take leaps and bounds in your professional practice.

Course Outline

  • These intensives are custom designed around you, they will involve elements of class learning, observation, practicals and Q&As

  • They are limited to 2 participants at a time

Other Details

5 days, 8 hours per day at Restore Human, Vancouver, BC


A one hour lunch will be taken, timing can vary depending on class participants

Delivered by Master Coach Keshava and Master Coach K

On successful completion you will be certified and recognized as a Restore Human Coach