A Global Method for physical health

At Restore Human we've developed a comprehensive approach to restoring physical vitality and autonomy in ourselves and our clients. Our courses are designed specifically for trainers, coaches, and practitioners to learn the Restore Human Method and to help their clients achieve profound, sustainable, longterm results.


Restore Human originated with Coach K and Coach Keshava - two individuals who didn't grow up physically active. Coach K studied computers and design, while Keshava went to school for economics and management. Early in their lives they were both disconnected from their bodies. Coach K went on to become a Sniper Team Leader in the Australian Army. Coach Keshava studied at Oxford and Westminster, eventually finding his true passion in the realm of movement and rehab. Both individuals worked and studied their way back to physicality. Through their journeys they've worked with hundreds of clients in a dozen countries.


Coach K and Coach Keshava have formalized what they learnt, and have established a repeatable and evidence-based system: The Restore Human Method, which they now teach internationally.


At Restore Human we are Movement Coaches. To us, it’s never just about exercise and fitness, but about educating and empowering people towards physical freedom and adventure.



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