We understand the importance of developing young muscles, joints, ligaments and bones. The tissue force, movement intelligence, proprioception and joint articulation of a changing body build foundations that sustain a lifetime. You and your body only get to grow up once. 

Currently, between our technological culture, changing times, urban living and the regular stresses of getting older, we find youth today are faced with a multitude of challenges and a disturbing lack of healthy and skilled physical activity. 

We see kids who grow up on cellphones and tablets, lacking connection to their own body and the motor skills they may normally have developed. We notice children struggling with anger, behavioural issues or mental stress that don’t have an appropriate physical outlet that helps them cope, work through it and become calm in their body and mind. We find that kids often lack physical confidence, affecting their ability to take up space in the world, defend themselves, or yell ‘Stay back!’ to a stranger if necessary.  We watch young athletes overwork and stress their bodies without the supplementary movements that keep their joint health and muscles in balance.

We know that parents want the absolute best for their children and for their kids to have the outdoor time and playful opportunities they once had growing up.

We have the solutions, come ask us your questions today. Our youngest clients are given fun and playful tasks that build strength and skills, get them moving and playing, and get their mind and body thinking as one. Smart, consistent training lasts a lifetime and no one is too young or too old to start.