the system



Restore Human is run by the collaborative efforts of a small, professional, and passionate group of like-minded experts.

Restore Human has been built on the foundation of 50 years combined experience between our headquarters team, all of whom have a strong desire to help others and reduce negative suffering on a global scale.

This team consists of: Our founder – an ex-military Sniper Supervisor in the Australian Army who conducted missions in Afghanistan and Iraq; A Physiotherapist who has worked with mountain athletes, seniors, and everyone in between; A rehab expert who’s time studying at Oxford and Westminster has informed his profound knowledge of human anatomy and movement; A former Rescue Specialist in the Canadian Coast Guard turned Kinesiologist; and an seasoned instructor who has not only provided us with a wealth of industry specific knowledge, but who has become known for her outdoor fitness classes and her work with First Nations communities. 

The Evolution of Restore Human

Experts aren’t the only thing we have going for us at Restore Human. Our strong team uses an ongoing process of refinement and evidence informed development in the way we teach and structure our fitness and rehab. This means that we are continuously innovating our methods and teachings with fact based studies, peer-reviewed research, and our in-field experiences. This engagement accelerates both our academic, and our physical resilience.


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At Restore Human, we are helping people be harder to kill.

By that we mean harder to kill across a spectrum that includes mental, physical, social and environmental health.

By training our members towards pain free physical autonomy (moving them towards being able to exhibit their own individual strength, grace and resilience regardless of background or body type) we improve not only the state of the body but also the mind.

By connecting our members together through classes, events and workshops, we foster and allow strong communities to flourish and become resilient.

By encouraging people to use their fitness in an outdoor context we get people into the spaces that need protection and help facilitate environmental awareness and conservation. 

We take conscious steps towards a future where humans are more adaptable to forthcoming global shifts.




 We know we are stronger together.

Part of building strength, grace, and resilience, is working with a strong sense of community. The Restore Human System emphasizes teamwork, leadership, and diversity. We encourage members to engage creatively with each other while training, and acknowledge that laughter and excitement are valuable parts of a healthy and sustainable fitness experience.



The System is deliberate, repeatable, and evidence informed.

It is with a strong team, a scientific focus, and a diverse community that we have created The Restore Human System. This system allows us to standardize a method with which we educate, train, and influence people across the globe. We have taught international Trainers Courses in the UK and the Netherlands, and have upcoming plans to teach a course in Chile. The repeatability of our method ensures that no matter where we are, the Restore Human System will remain a deliberate, and constant source of nourishing movement and sustainable fitness.