I love coach K's approach to fitness and health! The whole team at Restore Human is awesome, knowledgeable and effective. It's not just about getting fit, it's about restoring the body, preventing injury and being proactive about your physical health. You're in very good hands here.



Restore Human is more than just a fitness studio. Its a community of welcoming trainers and students alike. Everyone is welcome no matter their level - young, old, fit and less so. I being a fitness professional myself always am able to modify to find something that is the right level of challenge. The classes are made to be fun and functional. If you don't enjoy going to a gym and find it boring then this is the perfect place! The fitness is geared towards making to healthier, more functional and happier. They also offer one-on-one personal training if you're looking for more personal attention and if you're working with any weaknesses or injuries they are sure to get you feeling better! Such knowledgeable and passionate trainers! Much love to the Restore Human family.



Coach K has been training me for more than 3 years and it has been an exciting fitness and wellness journey. The coaching is multi-faceted and customized to each individual's body structure and mobility. Restore Human philosophy of sustainable training to build endurance, strength, mobility and grace makes my training 3x a week fun and injury-free for as long as I can remember! Restore Human is a place where getting fit is embedded in every day movement and activities. The hikes are a special treat to apply our learned movement in nature.



Restore Human is so much fun, and so effective! It feels like the approach to exercise that I have always craved but was never able to find before. I quickly became much stronger, coordinated, and physically confident after attending the group classes. The community is extremely welcoming and the coaches are knowledgeable, friendly, and very creative!



Hi, I have been training with Karlo since 2014. I had been told that I needed two hips and one knee replacement. Years later, with no surgeries - thanks to Karlo - I am moving better and in less pain. His focus on natural whole body movement has worked wonders on arresting the degeneration of my joints as well as strengthening my body. Karlo and his team apply different aspects of fitness to Restore natural Human movement. I highly recommend this group of amazing Coaches to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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I've never had so much fun working so hard - the idea of Restore Human is unique and brilliant (learning to move in a powerful useful and healthy way), but the coaches here are such a pleasure to work with - incredibly well researched in the ways of body mechanics but feels like hanging out with friends. Cheaper than the gym and I found it infinitely more inspiring.


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What a fantastic place !! I love Restore Human. It is a fun way to exercise. The coaches know what they are doing and are extremely knowledgeable. Since coming I have more energy, my injuries have all cleared up and I feel stronger. I do not have the back pain I used to have when I lift and play with my kids. I also do not re-injure myself while attempting to place a child in a car seat as my muscles are strong now. Thanks to the coaches at RH!