Resilience Retreat

w/ Ex-Sniper Master Coach K

  • 2 days in the Wilderness (2 nights)

  • 1 day in Vancouver

  • Learn mindset, wilderness, and movement skills from an Ex-Sniper

  • Experience deep connection and the opportunity to transform the way you see yourself and your surroundings

  • Tailored specifically to you, finding the right balance of challenge is key to building resilience

  • All meals and safety gear provided

  • Austere accommodation included

  • You will require some of your own basic camping equipment and clothing (load list will be provided on application)

$3000 per person

Restore Human Courses

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  • Not a bio hacking event

  • Facilitating deep connection

  • Blending the most up to date science in health, physical literacy, behaviour change, and societal health

  • Deep connection to wilderness, self, knowledge and community