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Key Achievements

  • Founder and Developer of Restore Human and the Restore Human Method

  • International Instructor

  • Restore Human Master Coach

Other Achievements and Influences

  • Sniper Basic (Top of Class), Sniper Team Leader, Sniper Supervisor (Top of Class), Tracking, Combat First Aider

  • Numerous other military qualifications

  • CNFP Personal Trainer Certified

  • FRC Mobility Specialist

  • Endurance and Running Instructor

  • Movement and Mobility Certified

  • Children’s Fitness Coach Certified

  • Active Aging Certified

  • MovNat Instructor Level 2, MovNat Instructor Level 1

  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Gymnastics Instructor

  • Evolve Move Play Movement Workshop, Roots Systema Intensive Workshop, Ido Portal Method Movement X Workshop

  • BA Multimedia


Founder and Director of Restore Human.

Thousands of teaching hours are the backbone of becoming a Restore Human Master Coach - an expert in physical literacy and training. There is no substitute for experience – that and Coach K’s relentless thirst for knowledge and quantifiable proof has allowed him to become a leader in his field.

Coach K wasn’t always physically literate and highly trained. In fact, he was far from healthy when he was younger. A Bachelor’s Degree in Computers and Design and a deep ingrained ability to sit for hours in front of a computer screen meant Coach K felt like the most clumsy and unconfident person among his peers.

Knowing a sedentary lifestyle was not the life he wanted to live Coach K decided to join the Australian Army. He served for 7 years with 3 deployments to Iraq, Timor-Leste and Afghanistan and left the Army as a Sniper Team Leader and Supervisor. During his military career he became more physical and learned many hard and valuable lessons about restoring that physicality in himself and others.

Being a Sniper and leading other Snipers requires a certain type of person - someone who is very observant, disciplined, works well with others in times of stress, thinks long term and likes to solve problems. These character traits motivated Coach K to transition to a new path in life where he could serve people in the most valuable way he knew how. Helping them unlock their own physical freedom.

Years of self-directed study, taking courses, and travelling internationally to work with some of the best fitness, rehab, and movement professionals was Coach K’s preferred method for building his knowledge base. The nature of academic institutions and the current state of physical health in culture pushed him to learn from people and methods who had proven themselves in the real world.

After years of ‘hands on’ training people to achieve successful results, Coach K developed a unique style of teaching physicality. In 2016, he founded the company Restore Human.

With the understanding that a group of like-minded professionals working intensely towards the same goal would provide better results, Coach K brought in Master Coach Keshava and a team of strong Coaches. Together they have formalized, refined, tested, adjusted, and taught the Restore Human method to hundreds of people. Every day the method is put to the test. It works, with very regular consistency.

As Restore Human grows, K is focused on further refinement and delivery of the Restore Human Method to a wider audience.

Coach K is a problem solver who looks to the long term and sees how our physical confidence and security is very directly linked to our mental health, the decisions we make and the environments we effect. It’s for these reasons that Coach K will be relentless in his pursuit of helping and teaching others.

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