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We live in an era where there is virtually no reason to be physical to get what we need - food, shelter, safety and community. As a result more than 2 billion people on the planet are overweight or obese. Countless others are misled and/or confused by the health and fitness industry due to an abundance of (mis)information and sensationalist marketing. We're overloaded with convenience, sitting and screen time. We've lost our natural, sustainable and evolutionary human movement and abilities. 

Restore Human is redefining the culture of physical health. We use training and therapy practices from a range of disciplines to restore your body to the strong, graceful and resilient human that it can be. We do this in a way that is community oriented, approachable, effective, cooperative and tailored to your body. It's done so with a system that is repeatable and built on a legacy of results.

We're also a proud member of 1% for the planet!


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We train together, we grow together.  A healthy community means a healthy environment!