• Restore Human Master Coach
  • Kettlebell Accredited
  • FRCms
  • Decades of self directed movement study

Coach Kesh has been a trainer for 12 years now and is coming from a background of martial arts, football (soccer) at school and university level, as well as representative cricket for English Schools. After graduating from University he trained in boxing, stick fighting (where he fought competitively) and began his personal training studies.

He has taken nationally accredited courses in kettlebell training, studied extensively with movement coaches and is a qualified Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist with Dr. Andreo Spina’s Functional Range Conditioning methodology - an evidence based system of mobility development that is being adopted by more and more elite level American Football, baseball, ice hockey and basketball players, powerlifters and mixed martial artists.

He teaches and practices a composite athletic program based around mobility development, movement work borne of martial arts, gymnastics, kettlebells, bodyweight and traditional resistance tools.

His philosophy reflects that of Restore Human - the idea is to create a human with a wide array of movement potential; someone who can work with specific demands of a given sport or activity, as they possess a wide base of prerequisites in terms of articular function and motor skills. His goal with any person walking through the door is to equip them with a thorough ability to resist injury, develop the ranges of motion that will allow them to tackle all relevant tasks and finally test it all with exercises of increasing neuromuscular complexity to create smart and versatile athletes regardless of final activity.